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Early Childhood Matters


Quotes on Early Childhood


Author: pamcee70

My name is Pam Castillo. I have been in the field of education for 24 years now. Although I have taught some levels in grade school, I have spent most of my years teaching children aged two to six years old. I am always amazed by the interactions I have every day with children. In an environment where children feel safe, they are confident to explore and make discoveries. These experiences prepare them for the bigger challenges in the future. I feel privileged to be a part of the learning journey of these young children especially if they still come to see me and reminisce the years we worked together.

7 thoughts on “Early Childhood Matters

  1. I love your graphics and I couldn’t agree more with President L. Johnson with his above statement. This is so evident in most developing countries. I wish more leaders on my side of the globe will be more alive to this philosophy as the level of poverty is so depressing. You see children being used as cheap labor when they are meant to be in school. The leaders appear unperturbed about this situation. What I see, (without sounding pessimistic),is a future with colossal downturn if nothing is done about providing quality education for the children.


    • Thank you for complimenting my graphics. I thought having a visual representation of the interlocking connections between sectors in the community to develop the whole child – a child who will be main driver of the future generation.


  2. I agree I love your graphics. Very clever! I like your first quote about working together. At our center we are blessed to offer so many other services for children beside early learning. We that mental health therapist, speech therapist, family support staff. We all work in collaboration with each other , the outcomes for the children improve. I know I’ve seen it happen.


    • Thank you Kerry. As early childhood ecuators, we are certainly not alone in this journey. We need all the sectors to work collaboratively with us to make a difference. I am not sure in other settings, I know it can be a challenge to provide support in different aspects because of the financial implications, but having different forms of support will definitely make the educational system work better and achieve its goals.


  3. I agree with all of the quotes you posted. For the one about safety, the world is safer now in some areas such as healthcare and safety precautions, but in other respects, it is not that safe. It seems like more and more parents are restricting their children’s activities due to fear and mistrust of the outside world. We need to get back to where kids can just play and not grow up in a world full of worries.


    • That’s true Kaitlin. My colleagues nd I have observed that we seem to have more and more parents to are very protective of their children as well to the point that the children miss the opportunities to solve conflicts, manage themselves in difficult situations and be creative in managing their own time. Most kids now go to after-school activities as well that everything seemed planned for them. Hopefully, with all the sectors aligned, school and families constantly communicating, we will be able to overcome the state of disequilibrium.


      • Kaitlin and Pam, I agree. There is so much fear in the world these days, parents just want to keep their children safe. There is a fine line between safety and not allowing a child to experience the world around them.


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